Gang box manufacturer in Ahmedabad

Gang box manufacturer in Ahmedabad


Presenting Gang Boxes, India's first convertible series. Any contemporary interior design for the house or workplace would look great with this elegant and streamlined style. made of composite plastic a readily convertible window for sockets that are clearly labelled and grooved from the inside  For insertion of the casing cap, distinct sizes are indicated on each of the body's inner four walls. There are several options for practical utilisation for each gang box. Replaceable buttons with a specific design to conceal installation screw holes

Rfive is a Gang box Manufacturers. If you are looking for a good quality mini Gang Box, Rfive India is the company that you should rely on. We have different varieties of Gang Boxes to choose from.


  • Brand: RFIVE
  • Color: White
  • Module Size: 1 M TO 8 M
  • Material: HIPS
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Pattern: Plain

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